RUTH 66 – A Novel    

Ruth 66 Official Cover. Concept by Elizabeth Barlo. Design by Vila Design.                              

Buckle up and grab the 'oh-crap!' handle above your head as you join Charlie on a crazy, life changing road trip down Route 66.

“Nobody expected Charlie when he was born. For nine months he had managed to stay under the radar. And it was this uncanny ability to make himself go unnoticed that made him who he was. Or wasn’t, depending on how you looked at it.” 

Ruth 66

Vintage gramophone


An outsider in his family, an outcast at school, and always outdone by his own clumsiness, Charlie hides behind his passion for music whenever he can. But then the unimaginable happens and he is plunged head-first into a murky family secret and a red-hot infatuation with a rather unusual girl.  

Ruth 66 - Vintage Route 66 Gas station signAs his life and hormones spiral out of control, Charlie is forced to make a 
choice. Will he keep hiding in the shadows forever or step into the limelight and show his true colors? 

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Ruth 66 Ruth 66
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