Ruth 66 in fiction

Elizabeth Barlo

Elizabeth Barlo – image by Wendy Janssen

My name is Elizabeth Barlo. I write ‘Fiction With A Heartbeat’ and this is my blog. It’s still in the start-up phase and contains poetry and posts about things that interest me, such as fiction writing, fiction reading & reviews, indie authorship, my novel ‘Ruth 66′ and upcoming novels, and other things.

My blog is a ‘Blog with a Heartbeat,’ and even though it may sometimes seem like it’s flat-lining when nothing new has been posted for a while, it’s not. The heartbeat is just a bit irregular at times, as my own heart beats not only for writing, but also for my family, my other (volunteer) work and hobbies :-)

For more information about me and my writing, please go to my website: www.elizabethbarlo.com.

Elizabeth Barlo’s debut novel ‘Ruth 66′ is now available in e-Book and paperback format:

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