The Island: A first draft of the first chapter #writing101

I’m currently participating in the    Writing 101 challenge by The Daily Post – a blogging exercise which I hope will help me create a blogging habit and improve my blogging & writing skills overall.

Today’s assignment was to ‘just write’ for twenty minutes, and lo and behold, I came up with the first chapter of my new novel! Okay, I was on a roll and wrote for quite a bit longer than twenty minutes, but why stop when things are rolling, right?

In my fiction writing process,  I usually first come up with the story outline, but don’t actually write the story starting at the beginning. Instead, I just write whichever scene pops up in my head. In the end I’m left with a whole lot of scenes that have to be put together to form a coherent story. It’s a bit like stacking Lego building blocks, with my story outline as the instruction booklet.

I’ve been working on this manuscript (tentatively named ‘The Island’) in the Contemporary Women’s Fiction genre at intervals, in between trying to translate my humorous YA novel Ruth 66 into Dutch and other writing shenanigans, and have a collection of scenes that will fit somewhere in the middle, but I didn’t yet have a first chapter. Until today!

So thank you, people of The Daily Post and the Writing 101 Challenge, as this first day has already been more valuable than I could ever have imagined!

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